About Us

Ballymena Academy Past Pupils’ Association is a vibrant and vital part of school life.

It is a focal point for past pupils and friends of the school to come together across all age groups, to socialise with each other and, crucially, to support the school and the pupils, both current and future, in whatever way they can.

Wherever you are in the world, connect with us, renew old friendships and give back to the school that helped define you as the person you are today.

Our Aims

  1. The keeping of all former pupils of the Old School in touch with each other and with the School.
  2. The fostering and development, on the social side, of that feeling of comradeship which education at the
    same school tends to give.
  3. The promoting of an interest in the future work and development of the School.
  4. The stimulating among present pupils of a feeling of esprit de corps and pride in their School which has
    such a beneficial effect on character and conduct.