Development Plan

The School Development Plan brings together the school’s priorities and the key outcomes and targets needed to achieve these.

This provides clear guidance for the school and the emphasis is very much on safeguarding the young people, supporting their learning and attainment and making best use of available resources.

The School Development Plan was revised in line with the “Every School a Good School” policy and the regulations of the Department of Education.

Articles 13(3) and (90(3) of the Education (Northern Ireland) Order 1998 require Boards of Governors to prepare and maintain a 3 year school development plan for their school

This plan represents a practical, realistic and workable way ahead. It is sign of this school’s commitment to a process of continuous improvement, an indication of the determination to improve upon our previous best and a mechanism to build upon and reinterpret the traditions and strengths of Ballymena Academy in the 21st Century.

This plan presupposes that in each of the 8 broad areas identified for development there will be:

  • A collaborative and inclusive approach to planning
  • A central focus on learning and learners
  • Careful and ongoing audit and review as a preface to any change proposals
  • Genuine efforts to involve key stakeholders, such as staff, pupils and parents
  • Coherent action plans taking the overall plan forward in line with the policies of Ballymena Academy
  • Robust financial plans alongside change proposals, giving value for money and showing careful stewardship of all resources
  • Effective communication and publication mechanisms
  • Continuous monitoring and self-evaluation involving bench-marking against best outcomes in similar schools in Northern Ireland and beyond
  • Development and training programmes for all staff and, as appropriate, for governors and volunteer helpers

The Board of Governors wishes to secure the effective discharge of all duties of care. The plan is in keeping with the caring ethos of this learner-centred grammar school and with its traditions of sound and pleasant working relationships between staff and pupils, supportive parents, and a committed staff, teaching and non-teaching.

In drawing up the plan, all those involved are keen that Ballymena Academy should develop, not just as a centre of academic and sporting excellence with continuing strengths in areas such as music and drama, but as a good school providing holistic education and enabling young people to enjoy and benefit from their schooling.

The Board of Governors will be provided with a quarterly report on progress, in terms of the success criteria, as well as an opportunity to discuss any issues and is obliged to take appropriate action on the basis of the information provided.

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