G.C.S.E. Performance in Public Examinations

(Trend Date) 2014/15 – 2016/17

School [NI School Avg]School [NI School Avg]School [NI School Avg]
% achieving 7+ GCSEs at Grades A* - C (including English and Mathematics)98 [92]97 [91]97 [90]
% achieving 5+ GCSEs at Grades A* - C (including English and Mathematics)99 [95]98 [94]98 [94]
  • Excludes pupils with statements of special educational needs.
  • The G.C.S.E. figures for Northern Ireland include pupils who achieved qualifications deemed by the Department of Education to be equivalent to G.C.S.E. level.


2018 GCSE Exam Places 

Nathan Nelson – 3rd place in Construction in Northern Ireland
Alex Wilson – 1st place in History in Northern Ireland

Five young people achieved 9 A* grades –  Alicia Downey, Rachel Fleck, Jessica Quail, Chloe Robinson and Alex Wilson.

35 pupils achieved a minimum of 9 A*/A grades –  Emma Adair, Katie Agnew, Jack Aiken, Chloe Backus, David Boriceanu, Megan Cole, Harvey Coster, Robyn Cupples, Ben Gilmore, Charlotte Gourley, Mark Hayes, Samantha Henderson, Ryan Irwin, Caleb Logan, Ellen Macdonald, Lauren Malcolm, Megan Malfatto, Georgia McClelland, Courtney McCurdy, Alex McLeister, Jack McMenamim, Hannah McVicker, Jack Mills, Chloe Moody, Joel Murphy, Samara Nicholl, Matthew Poston, Grace Redmond, Craig Simpson, Rebecca Smyth, Jack Spence, Angus Steele, Katie Surgenor, Ben Walsh, Michael Wilson.

They were closely followed by a further 19 young people with a minimum of 8 A*/A grades –  Thomas Arthur, Alex Balmer, John Boyd, Jacob Buchanan, Sarah Carroll, Adam Cunningham, Cara Dunlop, Jill Forsythe, Emma Hoey, Ellie Hughes, Matthew Jackson, Rachel McCloy, Ben McKane, Harry McKillop, Andrew McLarnon, Kezia Mitchell, Ciaran Nelson, Adam Paul, Megan Wilmot.

Finally, 15 pupils obtained a minimum of 7 A*/A grades –  Olivia Andrews, Ella Calderwood, Matthew Corr, Laura Graham, Rachel Mackey, Bethany Mauger, Laura McCaig, Stuart McDowell, Alastair McKee, Amy McKeown, Laura McNally, Nicole Quinn, Alexia Simoes, Luis Surgenor, Jessica Swann.