Ballymena Academy, Thomas Street Site

Views from the exterior.

Ballymena Academy, Thomas Street site

Interior views

The Thomas Street, school Gymnasium

Pictures of the gym and Gym Instructor Sergeant Browne.


Ballymena Academy, Staff and Governors

About 1958


Taken outside the chemistry laboratory.
From left to right; Mr. Kernoghan, Mr. Allen, Miss Kyle, Mrs.Whitley, Miss Armstrong and Mr. Russell.
(Photograph thanks to Mrs. Sloan nee Armstrong)
About 1958


This photograph taken at Guide Camp shows Mr. Mol and Miss Armstrong.

(photograph thanks to Mrs. Sloan nee Armstrong)


Ballymena Academy 1st XI, 1949 - 50

Standing: Mr. W.H. Mol, E. Blair, M.B. Brown, H.A. Calderwood, A.L. Ramsey, Miss M.J. Turner
Seated: M.P. Brown, L.M. Watt, M.E.J. Glass, E. Jamieson (Captain), A. Lynch, M.A.C. McKernan, H. Taggart

Ballymena Academy 1st XV, 1949 - 50

Standing: Mr. R.W. Mitchell, W.G. Hamilton, A.H. Simpson, Mr. W.H. Mol, H.K. Graham, R.T.B. Gregg, Mr. A. Watt
Seated: D.T.M. Calderwood, J.L. Sloan, A.H. Graham, T.A.M. Gregg (Captain), L.A.D. Graham, W.S. Holmes, J.G. McDowell, S. Millar, J. Kernoghan, J.K. Houston, N.B. Graham, J.I. Bill

Morton's House, Knocknanure - the site of the present school.

The front door of today’s school is approximately in the same position as the front door of the old house.

The present school, c. 1972