Our Ethos

Ballymena Academy cares for the individual and inspires learning and achievement.

Learning, Enjoying and Succeeding

  • We foster cheerful co-operation between pupils and staff.
  • Each pupil is valued and has the opportunity to learn, to enjoy and to succeed.
  • We have high expectations of our pupils in all that they do.
  • We expect our pupils to be industrious, determined and ambitious.
  • We acknowledge different learning needs and learning styles.
  • Each pupil is challenged and supported, in and out of the classroom.

Fulfilling Dreams and Making a Difference

  • We prepare our pupils for technological and social change and ‘Every pupil is valued and has the opportunity to learn, to enjoy and to succeed.’
    challenge. Purposeful and visionary, pupils will fulfil their dreams and make a difference.
  • We encourage pupil participation in campaigns and causes which improve the lives of others, promote mutual understanding and respect diversity.
  • We involve other institutions in our school’s development. Educational partnerships and collaborations provide new personal experiences and enhance learning opportunities.

Spiritual and Moral Growth

  • We encourage the growth of moral and spiritual awareness so that our pupils may become responsible and tolerant citizens. Collective Christian worship is an integral part of our daily assemblies.