Ballymena Academy is delighted to report upon the outstanding achievements of our young people following the publication of ‘AS’ and ‘A’ Level results today.

Our Principal, Stephen Black, said, “In what has been a very challenging year with significant disruption to education for everyone, we are immensely proud of how our students dealt with everything that was thrown at them and have been amazed by their resilience and perseverance.  The results attained bear witness to that.  Our school has a long traditional record of academic excellence and this year, despite the difficulties faced, is no different.  Our young people have achieved incredibly well across the full range of A-Level and BTEC qualifications with almost 95% of the year group achieving 3 or more passes at grades A*-C, a performance which replicates that of 2020.  It is especially pleasing that over 40% of the year group achieved a minimum of 3 A* or A grades, with a number gaining A* in all their subjects.”


Mr. Black added that above all else, and given the unique challenges which the pupils had to face, this was a day for celebration.  He congratulated all the young people on their achievements; thanked parents for the considerable part which they had played in supporting such success, not just through the recent pandemic, but over the past seven years and applauded the school’s teaching and support staff, without whose expertise, commitment and willingness to go the extra mile, these excellent outcomes could not have been achieved.  He praised the staff who exhibited their professionalism in their management of the awarding processes but most importantly have worked incredibly hard to ensure that students have been cared for and continued to receive high quality education.


While the results are pleasing in themselves, more importantly they are permitting the young people to gain entry to their chosen pathways on the next stage of their education.  Once again, young people have gained access to a wide range of courses with many attaining much sought after places at the U.K.’s leading universities.  Our careers staff are available to provide expert guidance on any issues which may arise.   Our focus at this time is always on helping young people, through our post-results service, and the exceptional circumstances of this year make that approach even more valuable at this time.


Top achievers at ‘A’ level were as follows:-


Two pupils attained 4 A* grades – James Craig and Rachel McCartney.


Three pupils attained 4 A*/A grades – Maria Olteanu, Eve Patterson, Grace Reid.


Ten pupils attained 3 A* grades – Cameron Bailes, Jonathan Cochrane, Lana Connolly, Amy Cunningham, Rachel Kennedy, Robert Mark, Erin McCurdy, Joshua McIlhagga, Grace Moore, Hannah Reid.


A further 51 pupils obtained a minimum of 3 A*/A grades – Katie Alexander, Harry Andrews, Brooke Arbuthnot, Linzi Bell, Patrick Browne, James Cahoon, Richard Carson, Ashleigh Church,  Jackson Darragh, Toby Davidson, Naomi Dickey, Joshua Drain, Daniel Elliott, Matthew French, Robert Greer, Luke Gregg, Jack Guild, Ailsa Hamill, David Heaney, Oliver Hunt, Sophie Kennedy, Ellen Lackermeier, Adam Lamont, Kerry Laverty, Leo Law, Jacob Loughridge, Richard Mallon, Joseph Mawhinney, Jonathan McCullough, Beth McIlrath, Kathy McIlveen, Lucy McKane, James McLean, Abbie Millar, Nigel Moore, Zara Mulholland, Lorre Nesbitt, Kaden Patterson, Daniel Pyper, Jason Robinson, Alice Rodgers, James Ross, Rebekah Shipley, Hope Snoddy, William Snowden, Katie Stevenson, Hollie Stirling, Rebekah Strahan, Katherine Stronge, Victoria Turtle, Katelyn Whyte,