GCSE results distribution was, once again, a very happy occasion at Ballymena Academy where the grades achieved have lived up to the outstanding grades achieved at GCSE in previous years and those awarded at ‘AS’ Level and ‘A’ Level earlier in the week.

Our Principal, Mr Black, congratulated the young people on their achievements and added how pleasing it was to see them in school to receive their results.   “It is a great privilege to be able to pay tribute to our pupils, individually and collectively, not just for their excellent grades but also for the determination and commitment which they have shown over the past eighteen months, despite the significant disruption which they faced.   These impressive results are a testament to the ability and commitment of our students, the dedication of our teaching staff and the support of parents.  It is important to mention the good working relationships that are such an important feature of the life and work of this school.  Such grades would not have been obtained without the professional approach and commitment shown by our staff and the consistent encouragement of parents as we all work together to ensure high levels of success for our young people.”


“The school has traditionally demonstrated academic excellence and previous GCSE results have received positive affirmation from independent agencies such as the Education and Training Inspectorate.  This year, despite the difficulties faced, is no different with evidence of continued impressive achievement across the curriculum.”

“In addition to the terrific individual performances highlighted below, which identify well over half of the year group as attaining 7 or more A*/A grades in their GCSE full courses, there are also a significant number of high achievers not named here because of pressure of space, who should be commended and can look forward to Sixth Form with confidence.”

“In results which correlated very significantly with those of previous years, it is especially pleasing that, for the third year in succession, in 26 individual subjects, the percentage of grades achieved at A* – C exceeded N.I. Grammar School averages, indicating excellent performance across the curriculum.

“This set of results also confirms that our young people are well-positioned to meet the challenges which our society faces as it moves out of the pandemic and to take advantage of the opportunities that the future will bring.  For the overwhelming majority, as in every year, that means entry to the Ballymena Academy Sixth Form whilst some others will prefer a different route; regardless of their choice, we extend our best wishes to all.”


High Achievers


Fourteen young people achieved A* grades in each of their GCSE full courses with Erin Weir attaining 10 A* grades while Sarah Brown, Rachel Cochrane, Caitlin Graham, Hanna Gunning, Katie Lackermeier, Zara Love, Katie McCullough, Ellen McDonald, Natalie Mills, Rebekah Neilly, Lauren Ramsey, Sarah Stirling and Kate Wylie all attained 9 A* grades.



Forty-six pupils achieved a minimum of 9 A*/A grades in their GCSE full courses – Jack Berry, Rachel Black, Dannii Blair, Jacob Bradley, Rory Campbell, Caron Cooke, Aoibhin Cosgrove, Reece Crawford, Daniel Cruikshank, Harry Davidson, Conor Drain, Ben Fleming, Adam Gardiner, Maisie Gibbs, David Gordon, Naomi Gordon, Amy Gregg, Tom Guild, Isobel Henderson, Jo Henry-McCool, Rebecca Hilditch, Amber Hoey, Maria Iatan, Jack Kelly, Emma Kinney, Oonagh Lamont, Erin Maybin, Katie McBride, Ruth McKibbin, Erin Moore, Kadie Orr, Anna Patterson, Kayla Robinson, Penny Sheridan, Louise Surgenor, Georgia Swann, Beth Taylor, Charlotte Thompson, Ella L. Thompson, Kai Treon, Rebecca Wallace, Amy Weir, Emma Whyte, Eve Williamson, Emma Wilson, Niamh Wilson.


They were closely followed by a further 23 young people with a minimum of 8 A*/A grades in their GCSE full courses – William Beverland, Lewis Booth, Caitlyn Brown, Alexander Buchanan, Aimee Burnett, Alex Byrne, Faye Calderwood, Hugo Eddis, Hannah Jess, Mark Kernohan, Lloyd Logan, Lauren McFetridge, Jan McGarel, Etain McGuckian, Aaron McKillop, Thomas McMaster, Leah Nicholl, Olivia Reid, Harry Ross, Aimee Stevenson, Jemma Stirling, Matthew Wilson, Alexandra Workman.


Finally, ten pupils obtained a minimum of 7 A*/A grades in their GCSE full courses – Joshua Ballantine, Anier Campbell, Georgina Cherry, Emily Church, Rachel Craig, Sophie Craig, Elke Hamilton, Patrick Kerr, Rebekah Robinson, Shannon Warwick.