Senior CU Weekend 2016

On the 14th of October, 81 pupils from Years 11-14 headed off to Castlewellan Castle for our annual Senior CU Weekend- and what a great weekend we had!


On the Friday night after an energetic bus journey, we settled down for some worship and a talk from our guest speaker Peter McClelland who is Wellington Presbyterian’s youth worker. He spoke to us about how God’s perspective of us is greater than our own perspective and about who we are in God. After this, we split into teams to compete in “Matthew and Jordan’s Big Banter Quiz,” in which there were rounds such as ‘Emoji News’ and ‘Wrong Uns’ as well as the boys going head to head in a few challenges which Jordan won (to our surprise!)
On Saturday morning we had another talk from Peter during which we took some time to reflect individually on Matthew 5v13-16 and then got to discuss in our small groups what we took from the passage. After lunch the pouring rain subsided, giving us the chance to go into Newcastle where we had a photo challenge and then all piled into Mauds for our annual mix-ins.

In the evening Miss Bassett spoke to us about our charity for the year: Open Doors – ‘One Family.’ We heard stories of those in the persecuted church in Syria and Lebanon and discussed ways that we could fundraise for the communities affected.


Report and photographs thanks to Lyndsey Simpson