Millennium Volunteers Awards

The presentation of the Millennium Volunteers Awards, to Year 13 & 14 pupils, was made in Assembly this morning. These students have given their time over the past year to help others, locally, nationally and internationally. Through various activities they have developed many different skills, gained personal confidence and grown in their compassion for others.

From charities to churches, sports’ teams to uniformed organisations, sixth formers are reaching out to children, teenagers, the elderly, disadvantaged and people from other countries. They show compassion for animals, a desire to educate others and even go so far as to travel across the world to support those in need.

Mr. Black was delighted that today we were able to present sixty Millennium Volunteers Awards.

2 schools’ awards for 35 hours volunteering, 9 bronze awards for 50 hours service and 28 silver awards recognising 100 hours of volunteering.

In February, a further 20 students were invited to receive their gold awards at the Titanic, Belfast to celebrate their outstanding 200 hours service to others. The school also celebrated their success today.

35 hours – 2

Martin Doherty

Alex Richmond

50 hours – 9

Peter Hamill

Adam Hanna

Anna McGahey

Chloe McGall

Nicole Pennie

Suzanne Reid

Cara Steele

Claire Stirling

Abi Weir

100 hours – 28

Grace Bailie

Simon Bennett

Juliet Cameron

Rory Corr

Aimee Davenport

Crawford Fairfield

Emma Flanagan

Harry Fleming

Anna Gordon

Zak Humphrey

Rachel Macauley

Lydia Manson

Emma Martin

Cian Mawhinney

Emily McAleese

Jenny McAlister

Elizabeth McCartney

Craig McClintock

Bethan McLaughlin

Katie Moorhead

Adam Morrison

Rebecca Orr

Erin Park

James Poston

Sarah Reid

Amanda Robinson

Victoria Shaw

Matt Smith

Anisia Tiplea

200 hours – 20 (including ex pupils)

Bethany Agnew

Emily Alexander

Naeve Calwell

Susannah Crabbe

Laura Craig

Harriet Diver

Ruth Hoey

Ellen King

Sophie McAllister

Grace McCready

Caitlin McCutcheon

Abi McKendry

Rachelle Mitchell

Stephanie Penney

Suzanne Reid

Nataliya Sergeyenkova

Lauren Stevenson

Esther Thompson

And former pupils Edison Fairfield and Rachel Graham.

Report thanks to Miss Bassett