Drugs Education Policy

Ballymena Academy recognises that the care, welfare and protection of all pupils is of paramount importance.

A sustained Drugs Education Programme, delivered through focused Curricular and Cross-Curricular topics and themes, enables pupils to make informed judgements and choices.

Above all, Ballymena Academy seeks to create a supportive and caring school environment through which confident and fulfilled pupils are unlikely to be tempted into drug misuse in wider society.

Aspects of Drugs Education Programme

Curricular materials delivered through Science, Home Economics, Physical Education, Religious Education and English Programmes of Study emphasise how the medicinal application of drugs can enhance the quality of life.

In marked contrast, it is stressed that the abuse of drugs can severely impair health and, indeed, endanger life. Legal implications are also considered.

Pupils’ social skills are enhanced so that they may counter and resist those attempting to embroil them in drug-related activities.

Moreover, the school’s Drugs Education Co-ordinator ensures that the teaching staff are fully conversant with initiatives and materials emanating from the Police Service, voluntary and statutory agencies.

Drugs Education Policy Document

The Drugs Education Co-ordinator will be pleased to explain to parents full details of the school’s policies on the management of prescribed medicines in school; procedures related to the safe management of solvents in schools; procedures and personnel pertinent to an emergency drugs-related situation; procedures and sanctions specific to suspected illicit substance misuse; obligations and procedures concerning possession or dealing of drugs on school premises.

These procedures are included in the overall Drugs Education Policy Document which is available to parents on request.

Inculcating Positive Attitudes and Behaviour

Those parents who wish to consult the main Drugs Education Policy Document will be reassured that Ballymena Academy seeks to inculcate attitudes and reinforce behaviours which will deter drug experimentation and abuse.