Year 14 Leadership Teams 2018-19

Year 14 Leadership Teams for 2018-19

The following Year 13 students have been placed in Leadership Teams for 2018-19 after applications submitted in April. All students should be congratulated on their very comprehensive application forms which showed a wealth of skills and experience.

Though students may not have received their first choice, all teams provide significant leadership opportunities in Ballymena Academy. Some students did not provide a second and third choice of team so where required they have been allocated to other teams.

In the event of a team being very small it will be joined with another group doing similar work within school.

Peer Mentors

Peer Self-management Team


Events Team

Health Education Promotion Team

Samantha Agnew

Ciara Anderson

Grace Bailie

Rachel Beckett

Simon Bennett

Calum Black

Rachel Brown

Rebekah Buick

Neave Calwell

Juliet Cameron

Charlotte Campbell

Aaron Clinton

Harry Cooke

Amy Cubitt

Clara Dealey

Adam Dickey

Anna Doherty

Erin Douglas

Crawford Fairfield

Emma Flanagan

Lauren Francey

Ben Fry

Chloe George

Kerri Gregg

Michael Gregg

Courtney Hamilton

Laura Hamilton

Adam Hanna

Beth Herbison

Ben Johnston

Hannah Johnston

Andrew Kennedy

Peter Kernohan

Ellie Kyle

Sarah Logan

Danny Louw

Rachel Macauley

Emma Martin

Sophie McAllister

Grace McBurney

David McCaughey

Craig McClintock

Matthew McCluggage

Lucy McCormill

Charlie McCready

Chloe McGall

Ben McGarvey

Alex McGuckian

Ruth McKane

Olivia McMaster

Sarah McNabney

Hannah Millar

Rachelle Mitchell

Adam Morrison

Adam Neilly

Chloe Orr

Rebecca Orr

James Poston

Ben Pyper

Sarah Reid

Alex Richmond

Amanda Robinson

Ashleigh Robinson

Ben Savoury

Jessica Simpson

Matt Smith

Charlotte Stacey

Cara Steele

Claire Stirling

Danielle Thomson

Anisia Tiplea

Amy Turner

Carly Wallace

Tori Warnock

Niamh Watt

Rebecca Wilson

Laura Averill

Finn Berrisford

Ruth Hoey

Ryan Moore

Harry Bill

Calum Crease

Holly Donaldson

Jonathan Gallagher

Tom Harkness

Sarah Harris

Matthew Kirk

Elizabeth McCartney

Rachel McCord

Alexander McKinney

Jack McLeister

Cameron Muir

Ethan Mullan

Lukas Palcek

Evie Rodden

Abi Weir

Sophie Dennison

Peter Hamill

Patrick Hargy

John Lyttle

Mark McKibben

Bethan McLaughlin

Morgan Wilkinson

Joel Wallace

Patrick Doherty

Sophie Gaston

Jonathan Hunter

Lydia Manson

Jenny McAlister

Lois McClintock

Sarah McKeown

Environmental Team

Anti-bullying Team

E-safety Team

Careers Champions

Alissa Forsythe

Anna Cameron

Adam Kirkpatrick

Katie McAllister

Anna McGahey