Ballymena Academy Sixth Form Enrolment 2019

If you are interested in a place at Ballymena Academy please contact the school on 028 2565 2782 to arrange an appointment.

As a pupil of Ballymena Academy you will enjoy

•    the highest standards in learning, teaching and pastoral care
•    a learning environment which is welcoming, friendly, caring, creative and inspiring
•    an extensive range of ‘A’ Level subjects + other Level 3 qualifications
•    having the opportunity to participate in a rich, varied and life enhancing programme of co-curricular activities


Our subject choice blocks are:

Block A Block B Block C Block D
Biology Biology Agriculture Biology
Engineering Business Studies Art and Design Construction
French Chemistry Biology Digital Technology
Government and Politics Economics Chemistry Mathematics
Health and Social Care Environmental Technology Classical Civilisation Media Studies
History Health and Social Care Construction Music
Mathematics History English Literature Nutrition and Food Science
Nutrition and Food Science Mathematics Health and Social Care Physical Education
Spanish Media Studies Physics Physics
Physics Religious Studies
Technology and Design