Wholeschool Portal | Home 24 February 2018
Delhi Dunkin

Over the past week members of the school’s ASHA team, who are heading to India in less than 2 weeks, have been collecting money in aid of the charity. They organised a Delhi Dunkin’, where pupils and teachers used donations to vote for their preferred teachers to be gunged. Eleven teachers started off in the running, which was cut down to three over the course of the week.

Wednesday 11th October, was the big day and two of the teachers, Dr Livingston and Mr McKay were gunged. Over the week, the school raised an amazing total of £816.15.

On behalf of the team and charity, we would like to thank everyone for their generous donations and the teachers for their bravery!

For more pictures and videos and to follow the team on their trip, go to academyasha2017.blogspot.co.uk

Click here to watch the video...

Report and photographs thanks to ASHA Team member 
Lauren Rea
Video thanks to Mr. D. Ross