Wholeschool Portal | Home 22 March 2018
Northern Ireland CCEA Examination Places

Congratulations to the following pupils who have been placed in Northern Ireland in CCEA Examinations:


Michael Gregg Joint 1st in GCSE Further Mathematics, with his teacher Mr. Donnelly

Beth Herbison Joint 1st in GCSE Biology, with her teacher Dr Pyper

Rachael Macaulay Joint 1st in GCSE French, with her teacher Miss McVea and...

... joint 1st in GCSE History, with her teacher Mrs. Robinson

Sophie Gaston Joint 1st in GCSE Religious Studies (short course), with her teacher Mrs. Matchett

Susanna Crabbe 2nd in GCSE Construction, with her teacher Mr. Heaney

Aaron Clinton 2nd in GCSE History, with his teacher Mrs Shaw

Aimee Davenport 2nd in Single Award Science with Head of Science Mr. Christie

James Dickey 3rd in GCSE Construction, with his teacher Mr. Heaney

Anisia Tiplea Joint 3rd in French, with her teacher Miss McVea

Patrick Doherty 1st in GCSE English Language and joint 2nd GCSE English Literature and Martyn Doherty joint 2nd in GCSE French, while pupils at St Louis Grammar School, Ballymena

Lois McCurdy 2nd in GCE Health & Social Care
Lyndsey Simpson Joint 3rd in GCE English Literature

 Many congratulations to all of the above and to their teachers