Wholeschool Portal | Home 22 March 2018
Women's Aid 'Heading for Healthy Relationships' Course

In February, nine Year 13 students completed a four-week healthy relationships course run by Women's Aid. Facilitator Tracy was really encouraged by the pupils' enthusiasm and willingness to get involved in discussions, presentations and feedback sessions.

The students experienced four different lessons on the understanding of healthy and unhealthy relationships, understanding issues of consent, understanding domestic violence and its effects and understanding abuse and how to respond.

Students who completed the course were: Juliet Cameron, Amy Cubitt, Aimee Davenport, Nicole Gordon, Sarah Harris, Lydia Manson, Jenny McAlister, Chloe Orr and Nicole Pennie. They all commented on how much they had learned from the course.

Report thanks to Miss Bassett, photograph thanks to Mrs. Connor