Wholeschool Portal | Home 24 February 2018
Big Bang at School

On Monday, 3rd April, Ballymena Academy hosted a “Big Bang at School” event in the W.H. Mol Assembly Hall. Sentinus arranged for science presenter, Neil Monteiro, to present a science show to each of the Junior Year groups.


STEM subjects in school were invited to produce a poster display showcasing examples of pupils’ work and projects.


The science show which lasted for 1hour was entitled “Power Up!” Taking a lesson from video games, this interactive show was a glimpse into how the technology of the future might enable all humans to Power Up their abilities - from cybernetic eyes to rocket shoes - and how the people of tomorrow might look like the science fiction of today. It featured mass-experiments, games and mind-blowing demonstrations.


After school members of staff, Principals of local Primary Schools and

parents of STEM club pupils, toured the exhibition, speaking with STEM club pupil

about their projects in what was a celebration of STEM activity from across the school.


Report thanks to Miss Wylie, photographs thanks to Mr. Woodrow