Wholeschool Portal | Home 24 February 2018
Valentine's Day Delivery Service

Coming to a classroom near you on Tuesday could be one of the cutest Cupid Cuties of all time – but to stand a chance your name needs to be in the hat. They will pack and carry bags for you, accompany you in the corridor, open doors for you and take you to lunch. They’ve even been known to occasional play rugby.


Bruce, James, Jonny, Mark or Rory can be yours for the day, but to stand a chance you need to donate £1 at least… And don’t forget, Valentine’s Day Delivery Orders are also being taken for Love Hearts £1 and Roses £2. Let your love wing its way through the school to someone special.


So, don’t forget - all bids for the Cutest Cupid Cuties of all time and Valentine’s Day Delivery Orders must be placed by the end of school Monday. Members of the Charity Committee will be on hand at break time and lunchtime in the main stairwell to take orders. Bring your money and donate lots – with all proceeds going to NSPCC.