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 Births, Marriages, Deaths



 3 February 2010

 to Fiona (née Black) and Greg Fenton – a daughter

 31 March 2010

 to Kelly and Jeremy Kilpatrick – a daughter

 9 June 2010

 to Joanne (née Stewart) and Richard Turkington – a son

 7 July 2010

 to Lauren (née Hicklin) and Christopher Hutchinson - a daughter

18 August 2010

 to Jill (née Morrison) and Jerry McCrickard - a son

20 August 2010

 to Karen (née Stewart) and Paul McMaster - twin sons

10 September 2010

 to Anna and Julian Kilpatrick - a son

16 September 2010

 to Heather (née Finlay) and Scott McRoberts - a daughter

21 September 2010

to Claire and Nicholas Cumming - a daughter

4 October 2010

to Jane (née Wilkinson) and Benjamin Withers - a son

20 October 2010

to David and Caroline Hughes - a daughter

3 November 2010to Sarah-Jayne (née Graham) and John Goodrich - a daughter
23 November 2010                            to Susie (née McFarland) and Wayne McAfee - a daughter
25 December 2010to Suzanne and Gareth Shaw - a daughter
6 January 2011to Emma and Mark Stewart - a daughter
21 February 2011to Kathryn (née Clarke) and Yann Le Coz - a son
11 March 2011to Katie (née Morrison) and Mark Connaughty - a daughter
3 May 2011to Karen (née Humphreys) and David Kennedy - a daughter 




7 April 2009Chris Mummery to Oona Boyce
21 May 2010Andrew Bell to Orla McKeever
10 June 2010Jason Kennedy to Helen Ford
3 July 2010Peter Lindsey to Helen Maybin
21 July 2010Stuart Staples to Joanne Donnelly
28 July 2010Robert McCollum to Emma McCluggage
12 August 2010Gareth Hooks to Hannah Todd
25 September 2010      Mark Houston to Ruth Williams
23 October 2010Nick Gardner to Rebekah Boyd
27 October 2010William Robinson to Victoria McConnell
10 December 2010David McCord to Linda Nord



4 August 2010Maurice O'Neill      
24 August 2010Denis B Jagoe 
4 September 2010Marjorie Brown (née McCarroll)
20 October 2010Arthur D Smith
22 October 2010John Harrison 
1 November 2010Anna M Barratt (née McCaughey)
20 February 2011Mabel Hamilton
15 March 2011Adrian Gordon
3 May 2011Samuel Kielty 



We were all deeply saddened to learn on Tuesday 24 August 2010 of the sudden and untimely death of former Principal, Mr DB Jagoe

During the 21 years of his tenure, the school went from strength to strength and he took great pride in all the achievements and successes of his pupils
.  Very much a people person, good working relationships between staff and pupils were of paramount importance to him.  He was held in the highest esteem within the Ballymena Academy family and wider community and this was reflected in the opening of the DB Jagoe 6th Form Centre in 2000, a lasting and fitting tribute to his memory.  

An Honorary Life Vice-President of the Old Pupils' Association, he retained a lively and genuine interest in the school which meant so much to him and his regular attendance at all kinds of school events was a constant feature

The Old Pupils' Association has extended its deepest sympathy to Mrs Jagoe and the family circle